These works are done by one of my favorite sketch artists, Don Nace. The top one “Just Passing Through” is by far my favorite and was featured in the movie “Across The Universe” along with all of the main character Jude’s artwork also done by Nace. His sketches capture a wide range of raw human emotion and are mostly autobiographical. He started drawing as a young child to find comfort after the death of his father. His 2005 book “Drawn Out” is a great place to start exploring this amazing artist. 

"I wanted more than salvation. I wanted to be in the belly of the whale" - Don Nace

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long nights - good friends
new company - hot tea
whiskey - slippers
night walks - long conversations
cloves - mushrooms
good books - black licorice
vinyl records - road trips
Thai food - Redwoods
soft soil - bare feet
rough sea wind - photographs
long hikes - lonely diners
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