One of the best folk Punk bands out there.

Stumbled on their CD “A Rhythm in the Cages” at a thrift store a couple years back and fell in love with it.

(Source: teadaze)

Ryan )'(
Queer Burner in Seattle, WA

long nights - best friends
new company - tea in ugly mugs
fireball whiskey - slippers
night walks - long conversations
ginger - cloves
mushrooms - good books
black licorice - solitude
vinyl records - handwoven blankets
hot yoga - road trips
pad thai - redwoods
soft soil - bare feet
rough sea wind - photographs
long hikes - lonely diners
folk songs - orange mums
bonfires - wool sweaters
Bicycle rides - protests
stories - cuddling
spicy food - good shisha
grey wolves - dreadlocks
movies - drawing